History of the brand


Every girl dreams of becoming a princess, going to a ball in a most beautiful gown, just like Cinderella, and of course, she also wants to find her true calling and happiness. Little Yana from Yekaterinburg had similar dreams – only in hers, she would rather be a Fairy Godmother which could turn any clothes into an elegant sophisticated dress with a wave of a magic wand. And dreams always come true if you are talented and hard-working. 

 Obviously, you don’t become a wizard at once, it takes some training. Yana Markova’s first creative mentor was her own mother who taught her how to sew. Yana would draw sketches of singers in chic attire and elaborate headwear and then try to bring her ideas to life using a sewing machine. Her creations were even displayed on her school’s recognition board – which was the first achievement of the future fashion designer whose pieces would eventually reach Hollywood and be worn by world-class celebrities. 

The choice of profession was clear for Yana. She graduated from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts where she studied dress design. After moving to Moscow, Yana immediately threw herself into the swirl of the fashion world. For nearly 15 years she was designing clothing, leather accessories and fashion jewellery for some of the biggest mass-market brands. However, as a true artist, she knew that her real calling was to create unique, original items – such as Cinderella’s ball gown, only more extravagant. 

Yana Markova launched her debut collection of stage costumes under the slogan “Have no fear!” Her models resembled samurai attire, with elements of chain armour, military spears and a multitude of head-guards shaped as dragons’ jaws. She also launched her own line of footwear and handbags which were successfully retailed in Milan, Paris and Las Vegas. 

In Los Angeles, Yana completed a course of millinery and over time her hatmaking hobby turned into a successful business based on a unique selling proposition. Hats by Yana Markova are truly objects of art. They are inspired by royal crowns, traditional Russian kokoshniks and kikas, head-guards, Middle East head-bands and other marvels of various countries and eras. And yet, those basic elements are completely transformed by the artist’s imagination. 

It took Ms Markova only two years to achieve impressive success with her own brand, and her name became a trademark for extravagant, yet tasteful and stylish fashion. 

Yana Markova’s brand is very popular among the Russian beau-monde. Famous singers feel honoured to appear in a music video or perform on stage wearing a headdress by Yana Markova. For every customer, she would create her own, one-of-a-kind look. 

All headpieces are hand made by Yana in one copy only. This is a 100% designer brand, and Yana personally vouches for quality and originality of each item. 

The “Have no fear!” slogan has eventually become Yana’s life motto and to some extent, an intrinsic meaning behind her brand. Having begun her career from creating headpieces, Ms Markova never stopped at that and progressed to design of stage costume – especially since commissions from film-makers came flooding in.   

Yana Markova’s participation in the Mata Hari television series became one of significant milestones in the brand history. It was a historic costume drama about a famous dancer, courtesan and spy. Yana Markova designed exotic costumes and headdresses for the scenes of Mata dancing. The series featured some world celebrities such as Gérard Depardieu, Christopher Lambert, Rutger Hauer, Vahina Giocante, Svetlana Khodchenkova and Fyodor Bondarchuk. After the world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival the series received great reviews from critics. 

Yana Markova’s designer brand is still very young but already has a contract for exclusive runway shows in Hollywood with a large company that produces films and videos with A-list celebrities. 

The founder of the brand believes that its mission is to express an idea of free and open creativity which can and should reach as much people as possible. As a broad-minded person, Yana Markova always aims to conquer new peaks and has already achieved the level of professional excellence when she feels the desire to share her skill and experience with others by providing training. She runs open-for-all workshops teaching women how to make hats – because every girl dreams of being a princess and wearing a dazzling outfit like Cinderella. 

Fashion designer Yana Markova knows how to make dreams come true – and what’s more, her brand helps others achieve that too.